Conversation in English

Keep a conversation in English confidently and in a natural way

Speaking English fluently and confidently is not just about studying grammar. Those who are already fluent in English but want to express themselves with total confidence and naturally, using a wide range of vocabulary and common expressions whether in the social or business areas, will find conversation classes in English the best option.

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After the course I will be able to...

  • Speak about different topics in English confidently
  • Express ideas clearly and correctly
  • Use specific communication functions
  • Use a natural English intonation
  • Correct basic pronunciation errors in English
  • Use common expressions and phrases in English according to the different registers (formal, neutral, informal).
  • Apply English grammar in oral conversations and interactions
  • Correct errors caused by linguistic interference from the mother tongue (literal translations, word order...).



  • Role-plays
  • Guided discussions and debates
  • Structured and semi-structured conversation exercises
  • Free conversation exercises
  • Vocabulary readings and exercises in preparation for each session (optional)
  • Personalized correction of consolidated errors

Practical information

  • Face-to-face
  • Virtual (Skype/videoconference)

B1 to C2

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