Negotiating and selling

Learn the language you need for negotiating and selling

This is an ideal course for those who need to carry out a negotiation and selling process in English

When you finish the course you will be able to...

  • Use useful phrases and expressions for selling
  • Discuss conditions, accept and reject proposals
  • Reach commercial agreements
  • Carry out a negotiation and close  a sale

Course contents

  • Words and expressions for selling
  • Comparing products and services
  • Formal and informal contexts
  • Sales conversations, small talk
  • Setting an agenda
  • Company organisation
  • Closing a negotiation
  • Functions of negotiating
  • Reaching an agreement





B2-C2 /Upper intermediate- Advanced


Online: 20 hours

Blended: 30 hours (20 h online + 10 h videoconference/Zoom)

2 months


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