Blended learning

Blended learning

The best combination to obtain an effective and flexible language course
Blended learning

For those who are looking for flexible, effective and high-quality language learning solutions, the blended learning system offers the ideal combination: online language courses + one-to-one lessons (face-to-face or via Zoom/video conferencing).

How does it work?

2 components

An online language course

  • On a self-learning platform
  • Students work independently on oral and reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary

Face-to-face  or virtual classes

  • In small groups or one-to-one, with the teacher at set times
  • Students work on their oral expression, review of written expression, grammar and vocabulary

Why Blended?

Blended learning courses offer all the advantages of online courses:

  • Flexible: anytime, anywhere.
  • Structured courses that guarantee completion of a program.
  • Students can work at their pace.

Plus all the advantages of classes with a teacher as an ideal complement of the online component:

  • More opportunities for consolidation and practice.
  • More commitment with independent work.
  • Interaction with other students.
  • Real-time contact with the teacher to get feedback and solve doubts.
  • Additional topics and material for recycling, reviewing and expanding.

What courses can be done in a Blended format?



  • General Spanish courses.

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