Presentation skills

A good presentation gets you recognized and remembered

Stand out from the crowd with a great presentation!

Interactive, practical course where participants will prepare and deliver their own presentations and apply the techniques dealt with in the course

After the course you will be able to...

  • Control all phases of a presentation.
  • Gain self-confidence.
  • Captivate and motivate the audience.
  • Deliver information more effectively and attractively.
  • Master rhetorical tools and non-verbal language.
  • Learn to manage difficult questions.
  • Learn how to make your body language support your words whether speaking to a live audience or onscreen.
  • Bring your strengths to the fore and build a personal presentation style.



Course contents

  • Preparation: deep dive into the audience, the message, and the aims.
  • Phases: transform plans into purposes - how your aims affect the schema.
  • Channeling Aristotle: using elements of persuasion in the 21st century.
  • Make it logical: Structuring your speech for ease of understanding.
  • Style development: make it clear, coherent, fluent, and fascinating.
  • The power of words: verbal tools, visual tools, vocal tools.
  • Make friends with the audience: interaction, insight, involvement
NOTE: The course is entirely in English and the presentations for analysis and by the trainees will also be in English; however, the work is on techniques and not on language, so the skills are transferable to any language.

Practical information

Minimum level required
  • Intermediate/ B1+
  • Workshop: 8 h
  • Full course: 16 h (depending on how many participants)

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