Communicate easily in your trips abroad

For people who need to travel around the world and want to communicate effectively and independently in everyday travel situations

After the course I will be able to...

  • Find out travel information
  • Make, change and cancel bookings
  • Relate to other travellers
  • Understand announcements, directions and instructions
  • Deal with travel problems

Course contents

  • Spelling, numbers, prices, the time
  • Giving personal information
  • Socializing: small talk and conversations with other travellers
  • At the café/In a restaurant: understanding the menu, ordering
  • At the airport: understanding announcements, answering questions at customs and security checks
  • In a hotel: check in, find out availability, make changes, check out
  • At the tourist office: find out information, ask for recommendations
  • Transport: timetables, prices, buying tickets, renting a car
  • At the shops: buying, asking prices, asking for changes
  • Complaining: at the restaurant, in a hotel, at the shops
  • Solving problems: rescheduling flights, lost luggage, overbookings, bad service
  • Directions: asking and understanding how to get to places
  • Vocabulary areas: food and restaurants, transport, sightseeing, places in a city, shops, entertainment, timetables

Practical information


A2 to B2

  • Face to face/Virtual: 45- 60 h
  • Blended: 30 h/module

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