Presenting your work

Learn the essential skills for presenting products, services and organisations

A course that will teach you the language and skills you need to present your work, your workplace, your projects and your ideas

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After the course I will be able to...

  • Prepare and structure a presentation
  • Give information in an organized way
  • Use visual aids when presenting
  • Use useful phrases and language for presenting

Course content

  • Company types and company description
  • Your workplace
  • Commercial activities and organisations
  • Professional or company history
  • Describing your professional or company history.
  • Presenting your work
  • Staging a presentation
  • Structuring a presentation
  • Giving information
  • Visual aids

Practical information



  • Intermediate/B1
  • Upper intermediate-Advanced/  B2 to C2


  • Online: 20 hours
  • Blended: 30 hours (20 h online + 10 h on videoconference/Zoom)


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