General&Business English

The classical in-company English language training
B2/Upper intermediate
Regular courses: 3 months or yearly
Semiintensive or intensive
Blended learning
Face to face

General&Business English

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English has become the international language of communication and is increasingly important for all companies working in the international context, whether with customers, suppliers, branches abroad...

Our general and business English courses are designed to provide a solid training in English for company employees using in-company courses adapted to the linguistic and professional needs of the students



Initial level tests
Elaboration of tailor-made programmes
Follow-up and monitoring of the course
Ongoing evaluation and periodic assessments followed by progress reports
Results control

Tailor-made programs designed taking into account:

the CEFR guidelines for each level for practising oral and written comprehension and expression

the specific professional needs of students or groups

work on all language skills (listening, writing, speaking, writing), grammar and vocabulary

Preparation for international English exams (optional)

Do you know what your level of English is?

Take a free English level test and choose an English course that suits your needs.


Los cursos de inglés para empresas pueden ser individuales o grupales (lo aconsejable es que los grupos sean pequeños). Primero, se realiza un test de nivel escrito y oral a cada alumno, y luego se hace un análisis de necesidades. Con esta información, se forman los grupos y se asigna el profesor más idóneo para cada caso (según el curso sea de inglés general, business o especializado). Al comenzar las clases, se elabora un programa de estudios, y se hace un seguimiento y control de calidad a lo largo del curso.

English is the language of international business communication, and much of this communication is not between native English speakers, but between people who use English as a second language. Therefore, there is no point in focusing on British or American English, or any other variety, unless the interest is exclusively in communicating with people from one country or area. Rather, learning methods nowadays include listening practice with speakers of non-native accents, which is a very common situation in business communication.

Today, English is the language of communication between people of all nationalities, and it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Thus, learning English is important for communicating with people from other countries, both professionally and privately. Mastering English also enables us to access a greater amount of information, entertainment and knowledge.

In online English/language courses, students have a 24/7 platform where they can work at their own pace. Normally, the platforms include listening and reading comprehension skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. In tutored online courses, writing and speaking may also be included.
The concept of an online language course should not be confused with a video-conferencing language course.

For in-company English courses to be effective in learning English quickly, it is not only necessary that they have a minimum number of hours per week (around three) but also that students spend time studying outside of class hours, as well as doing as many activities in English as possible, such as watching films and reading. Those who use English in their daily work activities will find that they make faster progress than other learners, as they have a greater amount of exposure to the language. The more English is used, the faster the progress will be.

The standard in-company English course is about three hours per week, divided into two one-and-a-half hour classes per week. This number of hours can then be adapted according to the case. For more advanced levels, or when you just want to maintain your level, doing just one class a week may work. On the other hand, if the levels are lower, or if you need to make progress more quickly, a semi-intensive or intensive course, of four, six or more hours per week, will help you reach your objectives more quickly.