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In a free online English level test there are usually between 50 and 100 multiple choice questions (known as "multiple choice") which assess the Use of English (grammar and vocabulary), and then give an indicative classification according to the language levels established by the Common European Framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Online English level tests can give an overall indication of your level of grammar and vocabulary, but it should always be remembered that they do not give a complete assessment of a person's level of English.

There are several options for assessing the English language skills of a company's employees.
The most convenient is to organise the administration of an English language test tailored to the needs of the company and the employees' positions. Many in-company language schools can provide this service.
A quicker option is to choose a recognised international test, such as TOEFL, and arrange for its administration to all employees. However, a standardised test will not always give all the information that companies really need about the level of English of employees in relation to their work activity.

The level of English required to work in a company depends on the sector and the job. For positions involving negotiations and presentations, the minimum desirable level is B2. If you are a key manager in a multinational company, a C2 or near-native level is likely to be required. On the other hand, in positions where the use of English is limited to regular exchanges, such as in reception jobs, an intermediate or B1 level is usually sufficient.

Los tests de nivel de inglés gratuitos que se pueden encontrar en línea normalmente evalúan la sección de Use of English (gramática y vocabulario). Estos tests son útiles para darnos una idea global del nivel de gramática de una persona que quiere iniciar un curso, por ejemplo. Pero para obtener una valoración más adecuada del nivel de inglés de una persona, este test debería ir acompañado del al menos una sección de expresión oral para averiguar realmente lo que esa persona puede hacer en el idioma.