Specialized English

Specialized English courses for professionals and workers from different sectors who need to function in English in their working life and manage the specific language of their profession or sector.

English for HR
A course that provides the technical English you need to work in HR
Presenting your work
English for tourism professionals
Communicate more effectively in English with tourists from different nationalities
Presentation skills
A good presentation gets you recognized and remembered
Email writing in English
Write effective and convincing emails
Customer care
Communicate efficiently and cheerfully with customers in English
Negotiating and selling
Learn the language you need for negotiating and selling
Feel at ease in social situations related to the business world
Communicate easily in your trips abroad
Get ready to lead, organize or participate in meetings
Negotiate confidently and effectively
Medical English course
Thanks to the English course for doctors, you will be able to communicate with your colleagues and patients in English
Writing Academic English
Learn to write in English in academic contexts
Make and deal with business phone calls effectively
Financial English
Master the tools you need to work in the field of International Finance
Legal English
Master the tools you need to work in the field of International Law

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Today, English is the language of communication between people of all nationalities, and it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Thus, learning English is important for communicating with people from other countries, both professionally and privately. Mastering English also enables us to access a greater amount of information, entertainment and knowledge.

In online English/language courses, students have a 24/7 platform where they can work at their own pace. Normally, the platforms include listening and reading comprehension skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. In tutored online courses, writing and speaking may also be included.
The concept of an online language course should not be confused with a video-conferencing language course.

If you already have a good level of general English, you can choose to take a specialised English course (called English for special purposes or English for special purposes). In this type of course, the content focuses on the vocabulary and functions needed for a particular professional area or sector. Legal English or English for tourism professionals are examples of this type of course. There are also English courses to practise and deepen a particular area or communication skill: for example, Presentation Skills or Writing emails in English.
Specialised English courses tend to be shorter as they focus exclusively on the area or skill in question and have a specific syllabus.

For in-company English courses to be effective in learning English quickly, it is not only necessary that they have a minimum number of hours per week (around three) but also that students spend time studying outside of class hours, as well as doing as many activities in English as possible, such as watching films and reading. Those who use English in their daily work activities will find that they make faster progress than other learners, as they have a greater amount of exposure to the language. The more English is used, the faster the progress will be.