redactar emails ingles

Email writing

Write effective and convincing emails

Emails are the most common tool of international communication in the business world. Learning how to write correct and effective emails in English in a fast and efficient way is essential for all professionals and workers who need to deal with clients, colleagues or suppliers in the international environment.

After the course I will be able to...

  • Use the key language for constructing effective and convincing emails in English
  • Use the suitable register
  • Be clear and concise when writing

Course contents

  • Formal and informal registers
  • Key phrases
  • Opening and closing
  • Being direct and brief, indirect and polite, friendly
  • Sentence structure and useful verb tenses
  • Different types of emails
  • Cohesion and coherence. Connectors and linking phrasese
  • Arrangements, complaints, apologies, advice, suggestions
  • Common mistakes

Practical information

  • A2 to B2


  • 45-60 h

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