Medical English for Health Professionals

Communicate effectively in English with patients and colleagues

The Medical English course for health professionals is the right way to learn how to communicate in English in the medical field. In this course, doctors, nurses and health care staff will acquire a solid medical vocabulary in English and use it without difficulty to communicate with patients and colleagues of different nationalities.

After the course I will be able to...


  • Use specific vocabulary
  • Communicate with patients in English
  • Attend medical conferences
  • Write medical histories and reports
  • Understand medical papers and articles
  • Participate in medical discussions

Course contents

  • Vocabulary: parts of the body, description of illnesses, hospital and care centres, devices, physical examinations, symptoms, treatments.
  • Writing patient histories, reports and medical documents
  • Dealing with patients: carrying out physical examinations, direct and indirect questions, building rapport, using the right register, prescribing treatments, making a diagnosis, giving explanations.
  • Discussing treatments, hypotheses, studies, medical papers

  • Preintermediate/ A2
  • Intermediate: B1/B1+
  • Upper intermediate/Advanced: B2-C1
  • Full course: 120-200 h/level
  • Short/intensive courses on demand

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