Speak a language with confidence and fluency

Learning a language is not just studying grammar! Conversation classes are the ideal tool to express yourself in other languages with accuracy, fluency and confidence, using a rich, situation-specific vocabulary and in a natural way.

For people who already have an acceptable level of communication in a language and want to improve their fluency and expand their vocabulary.

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After the course I will be able to...

  • Talk about a series of topics with ease
  • Use resources to express ideas correctly and clearly
  • Learn and use specific communication functions
  • Practice the intonation of the language
  • Correct pronunciation problems
  • Learn common expressions useful for conversation
  • Introduce grammatical knowledge into everyday conversation
  • Correct errors that hinder communication

Practical information

  • Face-to-face
  • Virtual (Skype/videoconference)

B1 to C2



English, French, Italian, German, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Chinese

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