Customer care

Communicate efficiently and cheerfully with customers in English

This course is designed for those who need to communicate in English with their clients, either in person, by telephone or in writing, and wish to improve their English communication skills.

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After the course I will be able to...

  • Improve relationships with customers
  • Use the right vocabulary for each situation
  • Use formal, neutral and informal registers when adequate
  • Be polite and firm

Course contents

  • Face to face: small talk, socializing
  • Dealing with customers on the phone: being polite, checking understanding, making arrangements
  • Call centres: taking orders, clarifying, checking comprehension
  • Writing: effective letters and emails
  • Dealing with problems and complaints: softening bad news, apologizing, solving problems, strategies and policies

Practical information


A2 to B2

  • Face to face/virtual: 45-60 h
  • Blended: 30 h/module

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